There is a need across the UK for providers of supported lodging. This could be a room for a college or university student or somewhere to protect a vulnerable young person who is leaving care or at risk of homelessness.

By becoming a supported lodging host, you can support a young person, guiding them on their journey to self-reliance and building the foundations for a positive future.

If you have a spare room and can provide a safe and supportive environment, then becoming a supported lodging host could be for you.

SQAF bridges the gap between supported lodging hosts and an in need young people. Our network of providers and commissioning agents across the UK links together safe homes with those needing a place to stay. We use our knowledge of the industry to place the right people in the right places for continued success.

SQAF is an accessible and transparent register of approved supported lodging providers. The digitally organised system demonstrates quality and compliance by providers in the social care sector to commissioning agents.

As a supported lodging provider, you will create a dedicated profile and via a user-friendly monitoring framework present your service offering. What’s more? SQAF helps you keep your information up to date via the dynamic automated reminders for compliance renewals including insurance, gas boiler service etc. All data is password protected, stored securely and available 24/7.

If you already offer supported lodging placements to young people, then SQAF is the perfect solution for you to get commissioned. Register with SQAF and benefit from:

  • The opportunity to build and showcase your profile nationally to placement teams and commissioning agencies
  • Connect with commissioning agencies and become active supported lodging provider
  • Be part of a system which has an intuitive nationwide search function
  • Get reminders to upload current legislative requirements such as insurance
  • Peace of mind your details are stored securely
  • Be found quickly by placement teams
  • Promote the benefits you offer over your competitors
  • Access to marketing opportunities

If you would like to know more please contact us or email